Sunday, November 1 - 6 pm

Beaver Trilogy An election season salute to idiocracy!

This politically incorrect, dystopian sci-fi satire is directed by Mike Judge of Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill and Office Space fame. Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph awaken 500 years in the future to find a society so dumbed-down by mass commercialism and mindless TV programming that they become the smartest people on the planet.

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Prior to the feature, an episode of That’s My Bush will screen. It’s a brutally funny lampoon of the Bush years by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame…and also stay tuned for other shorts including Richard Pryor as the first black president…in 1977!!

You are welcome to bring any bad DVDs, tapes or books you want to give away.

Members should bring a dish for the potluck dinner starting at 6PM. Some bottom feeders just come for the great food! It sure beats dumpster diving! A registered nurse will be in attendance in case anyone should need assistance.

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